As we start the countdown to 2021, it is certain that there will be more hope and happiness among New Year wishes all over the world. With its iconic designs and details reflecting excellent craftsmanship, the Roman jewelery house Bvlgari, representing luxury from past to present, offers more than your wishes in the new year. The jewelery house, which reveals its creative spirit with the same passion in every design, turns the new year season into a unique opportunity to share your love and make a wish come true.

Her Bvlgari The magic Rome, where its story begins, inspires the brand with its dazzling constellations in the sky this new year. While Bvlgari showcases shine with eternal stars, they refer to the unlimited power of creativity hidden behind the brand’s most iconic designs, profound knowledge of symbology, ancient secrets and awe-inspiring beauty.


Inspired by the snake known for its ability to hypnotize and seduce, the iconic Serpenti collection continues to lead the world of jewelry in the new year season. Eye-catching rings, bracelets and necklaces with their versatile expressions are glorified with precious stones shining with desire. Serpenti, designed for women who reign with its charming charm, continues to shine with its unique creations and sophisticated style in the new year as the highest expression of Bvlgari’s unique art.