Biliana Doll 2021 beach collection consists of eye-catching colors, bold patterns and accessories. The entire Biliana Doll collection, which is offered for sale in Europe at the same time as Turkey, becomes a collection that warms us more than the sun in the summer season with its strong emphasis on femininity.

Every piece of the collection comes together with specially produced fabrics and quality accessories and prints sustainability on the brand DNA. Abandoning beaches, neon colored swimsuits come to life in a harmony that surrounds the body with transparent tulle. While meticulously crafted Swarovski stones create sparkling textures, accessories that combine pieces add a little touch to your sophisticated look, and Biliana Doll’s exotic world with skillfully designed animal print swimsuits is proof that you can be stylish in the water. It proves that you can preserve your urban style with pareos and beachwear from parties to beachside walks.