Body jewelry sometimes becomes a trend and sometimes disappears silently. This jewelry trend, which we encounter unexpectedly at fashion shows and which we sometimes forget, is much more useful and timeless than we think. Body jewelry, which we are accustomed to seeing in beach style in the summer months, also shows itself in the city style in the Summer 2021 season.

The body jewelry we see in Chanel’s Resort 2022 and Gucci’s Aria collection is much more maximal than minimal waist chains! Body jewelry decorated with stones, embroideries, logos and colorful beads will be the star of your style. The body jewelry styles we see especially in Summer 2021 sometimes take the form of corsets, sometimes necklaces, sometimes belts, and sometimes underwear. Body jewelry, which you can see as an outfit made of chains, beads and stones, can take little black dresses to the next level and bring jean and white t-shirt pairings into night style!

The body jewelry that we saw in many brands in the 90s came into our lives with the statement jewelry trend of the 2010s. Paired with outfits or crop-top tops, these jewelry quickly became a must-have for beach chic. Don’t you think it’s time to include these jewelry that we see in the summer vacation photos of celebrities in our lives and street style?

If you are ready to open a different section in your jewelry collection with “body jewelry”, you can review the styles we have chosen for you in the photo gallery…