Dior Spring-Summer 2022 collection was introduced with a fashion show in Paris. The biggest echoes of Paris Fashion Week, which was full of excitement for us: Surprise collaborations! The question of what awaits us further became inevitable when we saw the monogram Nike in the collection with Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton. This year’s collaboration of the Dior brand, which took place right after Louis Vuitton, satisfied us all.

Dior Homme creative director Kim Jones prepared her new collection with Travis Scott, who has accomplished successful works outside of music. The name, which has recently become the target of brands, had previously been the campaign face of Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta. Reuniting with Dior after the Air Dior capsule, Travis Scott’s first collection for the brand! We have been seeing the announcements of the collaboration called Cactus Jack Dior on social media accounts for a long time. So much so that we opened the veil of secrecy, which was hidden from us, a little bit, when Scott was seen wearing a jacket from the collection recently. The presentation, which not only the fashion world but also music lovers await, was introduced yesterday.

We all know that behind every Dior collection lies an inspiration from the life of its founder. The inspiration for the Kim Jones preparation was Monsieur Dior’s expedition to America to sell his creations. Dior, who spent most of this trip in Texas, was impressed by the deserts, lush vineyards, cacti and canyons that cover the state. This was exactly the detail that prompted Kim Jones to create a new collection. The creative director knocked on Texas rapper Travis Scott’s door for this, and the two shook hands for a union that would mark the season. The Cactus Jack Dior collection connects not only the past and the present, but also the heritage of French and American cultures. The runway of the fashion show was turned into a Texas desert dotted with cacti and giant mushrooms. On the runway, roses in red and pink were added exclusively for Monsieur Dior.

This collection of Dior consisted of a soft color palette of powder, mauve and soft green. The brand could not give up stylish black suits as well as sports pieces. The most striking detail of the topcoats combined with loose trousers were the stone embroidered silver belts and brooches. These pieces were accompanied by velvet top/bottom suits, wide print jackets and striking neon green sweaters. At the same time, logos consisting of the letters C and D drawn by Travis Scott adorned the t-shirts. The special guest of the collection was the American contemporary visual artist George Condo. Printi of several of the artist’s works were featured on the sweaters. The way he blended American and European art in their work became a reference to Dior and Travis Scott and completed the collection’s purpose, reinforcing the link between French heritage and American contemporary style.

The big hats in the collection are designed by Stephen Jones! Black, monogrammed and dark green and neon hats complement the outfits. However, the glowing chains connecting the hat are attached to the shirts, acting as a brooch. Thus, the hat/jewelry duo creates a cool look. In shoes, as everywhere else, we see the combination of socks and slippers. Cream-based comfortable sneakers are placed under stylish pieces, making the look more comfortable.