Emphasizing her transition from England to Rome with her Couture collection, Kim Jones reflected her settlement in the ‘Endless City’ with her Autumn-Winter 2021 collection. Fendi Autumn Winter 2021 Couture fashion show, reflecting the capital of Italy through the lens of Roman film director Pier Paolo Pasolini, exhibited Jones’ designs. “Rome is a dazzling city because it has so much history and I really like Pasolini’s aesthetic because I’ve always been fascinated by his vision of the world.” “There may be an outside eye on Roman history, but his view remains constant,” said Jones. he added.

Furs and silk jacquards are also re-evaluated in the Couture collection, while overlapping temporalities are most directly expressed in pieces that recreate antique clothing. Adorned with cornely embroidery and crystal beads, these models reveal the poetic metamorphosis of the past into the present. The Roman sculptures surrounding the Fendi Palazzo are brought to life, while the marble curtains are made of trompe l’oeil silks and the arches in them are adapted to the heels of the shoes. The strength of their striking silhouettes in the collection has been transformed into delicate lace mini dresses where classic folds are invoked with intricate embroidery.

The immortal charm of Italian stone and its methods of manipulation appear as perpetual arrogance, reflected in pressed leather pleats that capture the imaginary spirit of Bernini’s sculptures. Mother-of-pearl mosaics were displayed among tulle dresses, handbags and shoes in the collection, where hand-carved jewelery made of Italian marble fluctuated as if frozen in time.

While the diversity of Ancient Roman culture was reflected not only in the designs but also in the model selections in the fashion show, models from all ages and races added color to the fashion show. “Rome was once the center of the world,” Jones said. “I wanted to include all the people who will live there then and now.” And with Kim Jones’ Autumn Winter 2021 Fendi Couture collection, he once again revived the spirit that turns to the future by looking at the past of this magical city.

You can view the Fendi Autumn Winter 2021 Couture fashion show in the photo gallery…