It’s a difficult craft to dress up in cold weather as well as in transition seasons. When it is winter, our desire to leave the house decreases, but this year the situation is a little different… We are eager to go out whenever we have the opportunity. For this reason, it is beneficial to be a master in the art of dressing in layers! If you try to dress up sweaters, puffer coats, faux-fur denim jackets and coats at the same time and try to spend your time outdoors as efficient and warm as possible, you are not alone. In a time when cafes and restaurants are ‘out’, parks and outdoor spaces are ‘in’, warming may be more important than elegance. However, if you are determined to never compromise on your style, then write down our suggestions!

We are quite lucky in Autumn-Winter 2020! You ask why? Because ‘layering’ pieces are very trendy this season. Grandpa sweaters, oversized collars, knitwear love and much more. Winter 2020 was designed so that we specialize in dressing. You can create looks that will make Instagram style pages jealous by correctly combining many winter accessories and outfits such as scarves, berets, sweaters, and sweaters.

Illuminated with Olsen twins or oversized blankets hidden among huge scarves and coats to escape the paparazzi, this layered art of dressing is irrelevant in our article. The layering style, which looks much more stylish and ‘cool’ nowadays, makes you invulnerable to the weather even on the coldest winter days. Interiors seem to be off our radar in the coming days… So it’s time to master dressing in layers!

You can see our 10 suggestions to look stylish without getting cold in the photo gallery …