MARITSA & EXQUISE collection is prepared based on moments that make us feel good. From the first face-to-face meeting we attended after all the time we spent at home, the first evening we dared to meet with our friends, the longing for a coffee in the open air, or the days when we tried to protect our seriousness and care on screen.

The collection, which is prepared based on the belief that the colors that energize us, the cuts that make us feel special and that the moments that will always make life worth celebrating await us after this long period of dressing just for ourselves, according to our mood, the collection consists of pieces based on feeling good.

The first 15 pieces of the MARITSA & EXQUISE collection, which offers the key to a timeless and spaceless style, consisting of combining the designs we want to wear and dream of with EXQUISE’s perfect models and stitches, meet with fashion lovers.

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