Celebrating both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, Alexander McQueen announced a capsule collection of the new Short Story, the I-Phone pouch bag, oversized sneakers, Tread Slick model, wool and silk-patterned shawls and embroidered love symbols.

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Capsule Collection (Alexander McQueen)

Inspired by 60’s brooches, McQueen is love; It brought together the classics that became the signature of the brand with symbols such as hearts, doves, roses and lips. Combining Cupid’s arrows with punk-inspired safety pins or the iconic skull figures of the fashion house, Alexander McQueen creates contrasting designs.

The Tread Slick shoe, which is a great gift option, is adorned with an eye decorated with hearts, while the limited edition Short Story bag, which is available for the Spring – Summer 2021 season, is decorated with hearts from head to toe.