H&M has long been committed to leading the positive change and advancement in sustainable fashion. The newest initiative, Innovation Stories, shows that H & M is furthering the positive transformation with a concept for innovation, sustainable manufacturing and design.

Science Story, the first collection of the concept, pays homage to the bright minds behind the manufacturing future. With this concept, we offer new materials such as the bio-based yarn EVO by Fulgar® made from castor oil and Desserto, a plant-based leather alternative made from cactus plants. Key pieces of the women’s collection include loose-cut, bright white jeans with double belts, a short white shirt with oversized chest pockets and side-striped sweatpants. Energetic and bold accessories, the sharp poison of the clean and classic clothes of the collection; matching earrings with thick necklace with orange pleats and rhinestones, high-heeled green strappy sandals and blue sunglasses with double glass frame made of recycled plastic.

Each collection celebrates forward-looking sustainability processes. The first collection Science Story, March 18 starting at certain stores across the world, while in Turkey, will be sold only in hm.com.