When there is uncertainty in our lives, feelings of fear, hope, gratitude, anger, and disappointment mix together. In order to reflect this mood and psychological dilemmas in the background, Ağis collaborated with photographer and architect Can Dağarslani for the LVS SS 2021 film and lookbook images as a follow-up to the book “Identities Series”. The Analog Diaries collection shoots are like a collaboration between LVS and artist Can Dağarslani using only analog cameras, opposing the new digital age and the speed behind it.

Ağış says they are challenging the “desire to have everything quickly,” and adds, “One day we wake up full of hope and the other day we can be in a desperate and dark mood.” Wanting to subconsciously explore the feminine and masculine aspects, the designer includes draped vegan dresses with feminine silhouettes and masculine trousers matched with oversized cotton shirts in the SS2021 collection. As Ağış’s garden and aromatherapy hobbies trigger the desire to make the collection more environmentally friendly, it turns towards sustainable and biodegradable fabric choices such as vegan cupro and organic cotton. The dominance of blue, beige, white, black, burgundy and dark denim colors stands out in Analog Dairies.