English style with an Italian accent; original and sometimes eccentric. This is a recurring theme for Max Mara from the very beginning and it is also the backbone of the anniversary collection. Max Mara’s young queen brings these wild, windy and heather-covered symbols to the city.

The new collection, which includes the voluminous new bomber jackets of Max Mara, which fits with everything, also draws attention with its multi-pocket ‘thornproof’ jackets designed with the softest alpaca. Adapting diamond-figure quilted jackets to iconic camel designs, Max Mara pairs this style with draped knitwear, thick socks and thick-soled shoes. Complementing this urban and town style with monocle flow dresses, Max Mara draws attention with stylish graphic tartans, oversize knits, velvet details and organza.

Of course, coats are the jewel of Max Mara women’s crown in the collection. Crowned with teddy style and shaggy camel coats, the collection combines a perfect harmony with volume, ora, balance, sewing and style. So how is this seventy-year rise to be explained? Is it exciting, energetic and epic? Yes, all these but also the features that defined Max Mara in his first decade: a simple exclamation point.