Thanks to the collaboration of Mehry Mu and Ayça Sarc, the traditional Turkish quilt takes the form of a bag and turns the warmth of the home into a portable fashion accessory.

While handcrafted quilts, which are indispensable for dowry in Anatolia, continue to be the passion that collector Ayça Sarc values ​​very much, the fact that the craft is on the verge of extinction takes action to raise awareness for him. The installation exhibition, which opens the doors in a historical mansion in Sultanahmet and includes antiques and quilts of his own design, is the occasion for Sarc to meet by chance with Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar, the founder-designer of Mehry Mu, and the first seeds of the project. Two creative women speaking the same language quickly decide to revive this cultural heritage in a contemporary handcrafted bag collection, thereby supporting craftsmen whose income is at risk.

Mehry Mu x Duvets Fora collection, prepared in two years, consists of three different models: ‘Meliha’ shopper, ‘Cenan’ tote and ‘Nevin’ clutch, which come in different color and motif variations. Traditional motifs such as clover leaves, stars and rainbows stand out on the designs made of blue, green, yellow and red satin silk fabric handcrafted by craftsmen. In addition to details such as handcrafted twisted bag handles that have become Mehry Mu’s signature, the bags, shaped by cotton filling, evoke sections from real Turkish quilts. Floral-patterned lining is another detail of the original Turkish textile culture carried by the designs.