Creating a marine-themed collection that takes you to the retro southern Italian shores of the 70’s and 80’s, Raisa Vanessa modernizes this theme by blending it with her own brand DNA. The collection, which can be used easily at any time of the day, will make you shine like a star on your special days, and consists of 55 pieces.

The collection, in which you will feel the signature of Raisa Vanessa in every detail, is getting ready to mark the summer with suits made of natural linen fabrics, mini dresses that adapt to both day and night with different combinations, evening dresses that will make you one step ahead on your special days.

Raisa Vanessa, who brings the sparkle of summer, the blue of the sea, the smell of bougainvillea, the beauty of the sunset to her designs with her unique interpretation, invites you to to share this dazzling dream with her ” Mean While in Capri ”.

Trendyol and Raisa Vanessa wink at the romantic breeze of the Italian coasts with their brand new “Meanwhile in Capri” collection they prepared for the Spring-Summer 2021 season. The collection goes on sale on March 18 at