For Maria Grazia Chiuri, designing a collection means examining the ties she established with her period. Dior’s Autumn 2021 collection comes to life with the dual movement between field research and returning to the workshop. This creative process begins with the symbolic leopard print trench coats created by Christian Dior in the 1950s, while the favorite accessories and furs of one of his muse and devoted collaborators, Mizza Bricard, are reinterpreted. In his autobiography, Dior, who wrote about Bricard, said, “I felt his extraordinary character and unique taste would have an excellent effect on the dignified temperament I inherited from my Norman ancestors.”

In this collective and free space, new desires arise around a Pop attitude. Bright colored, transparent and silvery creations salute the Pop aesthetics of Elio Fiorucci, which depicts fashion and emotion. Emphasizing the importance of singularity both on stage and in real life, the K-Pop phenomenon reflects an extraordinary liveliness of sounds, rhythms and colors inspired by the all-female Blackpink. With the style they exhibit, they gain as much power as music.

Richard Hamilton’s British Pop style, Marco Lodola’s almost acidic New Futurism style and Andy Warhol’s ‘psychedelia’ style visiting Paolo Uccello’s Renaissance paintings shape this collection with a Pop philosophy. Fashion, which has become an experience to explore, evolves with possibilities. That’s why a white T-shirt with multiple cuts and prints symbolizes a space where the imagination can roam freely, an inspiring diary.

Experimental dialogues with tradition. Black is an absolute black. ‘Millefleur’ ​​motifs embroidered on shiny, printed silk velvets. Laces adorned with batik. Embroideries embroidered with huge sequins, surfaces decorated with mirror-surfaced discs… While Maria Grazia Chiuri’s basic elements and Dior icons are reinterpreted, ‘Bar’ jackets turn into anoraks and shirt dresses turn into coats. Designed with the awareness of the need to reconsider strategies, clothes and identity and at the same time empowered by the highly energetic, hyper-sophisticated Pop spirit, the Dior Fall 2021 collection is equipped with a deep sense of lightness.