Beymen, which has been carrying out creative and inspiring projects in the fashion sector in our country for 50 years, has signed a special project for 8 March International Women’s Day. The “I’m as Powerful as My Dreams” project, realized in collaboration with Beymen and Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), reminds young women that everything starts with a dream and inspires them to believe in their strength and dreams. Beymen supports the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) Young Women Fund within the scope of the project.

The project that aims to touch the lives of women and support them in reaching their dreams; The 33 women who make a difference in their field with success in the world and in Turkey were carried out by volunteers. Veronico Etro, Angela Missoni, Sandra Choi, JJ Martin, Nicky Zimmermann, Giorgia Tord and Gilda as well as the world-famous female designers like Ambrosio, designers have made a difference in the areas of success in Turkey, artists, athletes, doctors, lawyers, journalists, as different as business people met with the Beymen Collection design team with messages from 33 women from different sectors. The Beymen 8 March Special Collection designed will be available for sale in Beymen and at as part of the project support.

33 Successful Women Voluntarily Supporting the Beymen 8 March Special Collection and Their Inspirational Messages:

Angela Missoni (Missoni Creative Director)

“ Passion for my job, passed down from my family of entrepreneur ladies”

Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio (Attico brand founder and creative directors)

“She knows no borders”

JJ Martin (founder and creative director of the La DoubleJ brand)

“My dream is expanded consciousness and bridging the worlds of spirituality and professional life”

Nicky Zimmermann (Zimmermann brand founder and creative director)

“Ambition, resilience and passion to do what you love”

Sandra Choi (Creative Director of Jimmy Choo)

“I dreamt of being the best maker”

Veronica Etro (Etro Women’s Collection Creative Director)

“Pink super power”

Golden Mimir (Lawyer):

“Investing in women is an investment in the future”

Ardan Özmenoğlu (Artist)

“She was a great artist like me, myself and I”

Aslı Ekşioğlu (Code86 co-founder, spiritual & healing life coach)

“Only love is real”

Banu Bora (Co-founder of In The Mood For Love)

“Your power is your imagination”

Burcu Esmersoy (Presenter, Producer)

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become”

Prof. Canan Dağdeviren (Physics Engineer)

“Woman is dignified, dignified”

Canda Elgiz Dayıgil (Founding Member of Elgiz Museum)

“I must dream so those after me will become reality

Didem Duru (Community Volunteers Foundation Co-Chairman)

“I believe I have as many opportunities as my dreams.”

Ebru Döşekçi (Sculptor)

“I am talented”

Ece Şirin (Designer, Founder of Bee Goddess Brand)

“Shine your light”

Elif Çapçı (Beymen Group CEO)

“Let your inspiration be your dreams”

Elif Ergu (Journalist, Author)

“We keep dreaming as long as we breathe”

Prof. Dr. Esin Şenol (Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist)

“The vaccine of discrimination is education, we are the remedy”

Dr. Fatoş Karahasan (Journalist, Academician)

“To be brave, to work, to realize, to trust, to believe, to learn, to share, to love, to produce …”

Gizem Girişmen (2008 Paralympic Games & 2009 World Champion National Archer)

“The most beautiful medal is to touch human life”

Göksu Üçtaş Şanlı (Olympic athlete)

“Strong Woman! Right here “

Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar (Founder of Mehry Mu brand)

“The World Is My Oyster”

Hülya Eltemur (Community Volunteers Foundation Board of Trustees Member)

“Raise Independent Women”

Prof. Dr. Ilmay Bilge

“Courage is The New Grace”

Ilke Kodal (Ballet Artist)

“It’s your turn to wake up the dancer inside you”

İrem Yaman (Taekwondo World Champion)

“Half of the sky is on women’s shoulders”

Leyla Alaton (Business Person)

“Long live sisterhood”

Neslihan Torun Kaya (Business Person)

“Keep your heels and spirits high”

Rezzan Benardete (Space designer, founding partner of TREZZ and ITMFL)

“Listen to your heart”

Sezin Akbaşoğulları (Actor)

“Your dreams are your true identity”

Zeynep Atakan (Film Producer)

“Stronger together”

Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu (Designer & Founder of Zeynep Fadıllıoglu Design)

“Born to Rock”