Shopping for Jean was a lot easier. In the past, we had to try two or three different sizes of the same model of slim-fit jeans. However, it is possible to buy it without even trying it with the present baggy silhouettes! Comfortable and oversized cuts that echo from the last season continue to show themselves in denim trends. While there was no trace of super skinny jeans that affected our lives in the 2010s, our catwalks and Instagram pages were filled with comfortable jeans resembling sweatpants.

First, boyfriend jeans and then mom jeans become more and more abundant with jean pants, among the trends that make us the happiest nowadays. These flowing silhouettes, which facilitate the transition from our tracksuits and pajamas to regular clothes, never want you to compromise your comfort. A tasteful reference to the 90s, loose-cut jeans allow you to experience the golden age of hip-hop again.

Jeans, the most reliable members of our wardrobe, have undergone a revolution in recent years! Elastic jegging blended with elastane, skinny jeans that look like second skin or super low waist jeans… Don’t worry! We left behind these styles that we now call ‘nightmares’. Jeans that complement your body shape, liberate your movements and make you feel much more confident are in fashion now! We cannot give up on jeans no matter what… However, new season silhouettes make dressing much more fun.

In the photo gallery, you can see the 10 jeans trends of Spring 2021…