This summer, ring sets—fingers full of rings—are in vogue! Wearing different pieces from the same collection or rings in the same material at the same time; Instagram has become the girls’ favorite. This assertive and harmonious look, where most of the fingers are full; brought back the perfect splendor we missed.

Diamonds, gold, silver, natural stones or precious stones… All of them are displayed in a flamboyant order on the fingers. These dazzling character ring sets herald that we will see even more awesome hands on social media…

While many brands add ready-made ring sets to their collections during the season, some brands allow you to create sets from a large collection. World brands such as Gucci, Zadig & Voltaire and Off White include ring sets in their collections. With this trend that excites jewelry and jewelery brands, the inspirations of the collections come to life on the fingers of street fashion.

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