Last season’s oversize ‘nap dress’ trend is interpreted differently in 2021. These non-fitting oversized dresses worn at home last year have also become one of the leading pieces of picnic style. Now, supersize dresses are an alternative to sweatpants and knitwear sets. As the weather gets warmer, we’ll have to take a break from thick hoodies and knitwear. So what is our alternative? These huge dresses!

These wide-cut dresses, where you can achieve effortless elegance with slippers and sneakers, also allow you to maintain social distance. Supersize dresses that expand your circle, especially with puffy skirts and balloon sleeves models, inevitably create a social distance space around you. You can combine oversized dresses that do not restrict your mobility with denim jackets or vests while creating the feeling of walking above the clouds. You can interpret wide-cut dresses that you can try in the style of ‘layering’ in different ways by combining them with belts or waist-emphasized jackets whenever you want.