While approaching every member of his family with an honest, sincere and caring sensitivity, he presents these values ​​with the #PINKOtakecare perspective in this collection as in many collections in the new season. Standing out with its projects that will contribute to the environment and society every season, PINKO includes products from different and recycled fabrics in this collection.

Using recycled fabrics every season, PINKO’s fabrics used in synthetic crepe dresses are reused with materials from recycled coniferous forests in this collection. Thus, the negative process of production on the environment is minimized.

PINKO started a project designed to ensure sustainable society and health for its employees in June 2018. This initiative, which started in Italy, focuses on people’s psychological and physical health. It offers a package to its employees to raise awareness on this issue in contracted health centers in Italy, by providing doctor, psychotherapist and health coach support.