The reflex of the crowds, who are tired of the pandemic and restrictions, to escape from the cities and throw themselves into the nature has caused us to experience a historical summit in nature walks and return to nature this year. Now, as we enter the winter months, we see that people are motivated to walk in snow, rain and mud. So, what are the essentials of winter walks?

1. Flasks and thermoses

You won’t find Starbucks in nature. Therefore, you should prepare your coffee, tea and hot drinks in your thermos while going on nature walks. And especially in the cold winter months, drinks that stay hot in those thermos for a long time will feel like medicine to your cold body. We are sure that when you choose these thermos produced in different designs and colors according to your style, it will look very stylish in your Instagram posts.

2. Boots

Boots are vital for nature lovers who take a walk in the snow cold. Warm, comfortable, safe, waterproof boots are of vital importance to prevent the walk from turning into torture. At this point, men and women bot You can choose a suitable boot for your feet by examining the models. also Lumberjack products between you can shop for both boots and different accessories. Of course, if you say you will travel more in the city, in more civilized areas and you will not go out without heels, heeled boots models can also be very useful in winter.

3.Cold air is taken from the neck

If you have your feet under protection, let’s tell you a secret, the point where cold weather hits the human body the most is usually the neck area. If you leave your neck open, you can quickly recover in cold weather. That’s why we recommend you to get a thick scarf or a full-protection neck collar. Let’s not get stubborn with the cold weather in this pandemic period. Moreover, neck collars are now produced with very rich design and color options.

4. Pocket ovens

Pocket stoves that work with chemicals or gasoline, carried in the pocket and emit heat to warm people’s cold hands will be very useful for warming your body that is cold when you go out into nature in sharp cold. Pocket stoves, which can give the heat they need to the cold regions of your body for 8-10 hours, should be in the pocket of every nature lover as an economical and practical solution.