With its mission to protect the world, Aveda does not forget to support Charity: Water, with which it is in partnership, at the Earth Month once again, and tries to provide clean water to people in need in 2021.

Since 1999, Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher has made a significant impact, raising nearly $ 65 million for environmental issues worldwide for the brand’s annual Earth Moon campaign. This year, Aveda, along with its partner Charity: Water, is on a mission to raise more than $ 2 million to protect and provide clean water to people in need in India, Nepal, Madagascar and Ethiopia during World Month 2021.

If you want to support Aveda to support its mission of providing clean water to people in need and to achieve its goal of raising more than $ 2 million, you can take the following opportunities …

  1. MEETING SETS: He will donate $ 5 to Charity: Water from the sale of Aveda’s bestselling Meetup Sets (containing items from Aveda’s Nutriplenish, Botanical Repair, and Invati Advanced lines).
  2. APRIL 22, WORLD DAY DONATION: Aveda will donate 100% of its stores and online sales in the US and many different countries to Charity: Water (up to $ 600,000) on Earth Day 2021 (April 22).
  3. 3.7 MILES OF WALK IN THEIR SHOES: In partnership with MoveSpring, Aveda will host a virtual Earth Month RunWalk during the month of April. Everyone is invited to register and participate in this activity to run or walk 3.7 miles, the average distance people walk to water resources in developing countries. The $ 25 entrance fee will help provide clean water to people in need.